Condensation Cure

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  • RTV 3481 Silicone

    RTV 3481 Silicone

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    RTV-3481 is a market leading condensation cure silicone from Dow Corning. RTV-3481 offers outstanding tear strength and high elasticity for easy demoulding of complex replica parts. A thixotropic agent can be added to the silicone for vertical surface replication.
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  • PS28 Silicone

    PS28 Silicone

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    This kit is a condensation cure silicone with a 28 shore A hardness, ideal for all types of moulding. PS 28 Silicone can be mixed with PS Thixo at approximately two percent by weight. This turns the silicone into a paste, allowing you to brush on to vertical surfaces.
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    A great all round silicone, 6417 is translucent so lends itself really well when cutting the mould in correct place. It is an 18 Shore A hardness with a 10 % catalyst mix ratio, it also has the option of using a thixotropic agent where vertical surfaces need moulding.
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  • TinSil 8030

    TinSil 8030

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    TinSil® 80-30 RTV Silicone Rubber is a condensation-cure, tin-catalyzed, flexible mold rubber. TinSil 80-30 was designed for applications where low shrinkage upon cure and longer library life for the cured molds are required. TinSil products consist of a liquid Part B base and Part A accelerator, which, after mixing at the proper ratio by weight, cure at room temperature to rubber with a tough, knotty tear property. TinSil molds have easy release properties and are resistant to high temperatures. TinSil molds are excellent for casting polyesters, epoxy and polyurethane resins, waxes and many other materials. As with other Polytek® elastomers, the last two digits in the product name indicate the approximate Shore A hardness of the cured rubber.