Condensation Cure Silicones

Condensation cure (TIN BASED) are pretty straightforward to use. Most are 10:1 mix ratio by weight and once mixed usually cure against most mould making media. It takes the condensation from the air and gives off a by product of alcohol or ethanol (free radicals) . Since there is evaporation in the form of the alcohol then there is shrinkage of some amount as you can imagine which is acceptable for most applications. RTV 3481, PS 28 for example have a high in tear strength and a great product for every day moulding. We generally offer 3 types of speed catalyst for the Tin silicone all working at a 10% by weight mix ratio . The Slow has a 2 hour working time and de-mould of 24 hours, the fast has a 50 minutes working time and de-mould of 8-10 hours at room temperature & the very fast has a mere 10-15 minutes working time and de-mould within 3 hours at room temperature. Other additives available are thixotropic additive i.e. thickener usually a liquid added in small percentages. This allows for easy brush up. With all these advantages and ease of use you would wonder why some might choose platinum over tin. Tin is best for most hobbyists.

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