Addition Cure Silicones

Addition cure (Platinum Based) is usually either 10:1 mix or 1:1 mix ratio by weight and is a chemical reaction cure with no byproduct or leaving group. This means that there is nil shrinkage or .1% or less making it a great choice for precision parts. Rapid Prototypers use it for parts which require a high level of accuracy and parts that need to snap together or for fit and clearance studies in other words platinum cure silicone is the best and most widely used for the rapid prototyping industry. Other applications where platinum silicones have to be used are prosthetics, where you are sticking silicone to the skin you “ CAN NOT “ use condensation silicone as stated above they produce free-radicals that can be harmful to skin contact. (Please ask for the correct material to use before attempting this) The silicone is also best for higher temperature applications such as low melt metal alloys. They are highly durable when used with polyester, urethane and epoxy resins but are more finicky when mold making subject to surface inhibition caused by “poisonous” substrates like, tin, sulfur, oil clay, latex, double side adhesives, synthetic rubber and many many more. On our product page you will see products such as PRO-GEL00 , PROGEL 10, AD-SIL 20, QC 25, T-30, T-4, & AD-260 that all are platinum based and range from a 00 –shore A hardness up to a 60 Shore A.

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