PS Composites is one of few expert polyurethane foam suppliers in the UK to the film, TV and creative industries. We also provide PU foam to outside markets – from individual artists and set designers to construction firms and builders. Here on our site we offer a wide range of polyurethane foam kits and equipment to fully prepare you for the use of polyurethane foam in either a professional or hobby environment.
Polyurethane foam kits have many versatile uses. Within TV and Film production they can be utilized to create anything from make-up appliances to animatronic characters. It can also be free sprayed into open moulds to create plastic items as well as being used as a protective coating over foam and EPS products. These two characteristics make it ideal for use in set design. PU foam also has many industrial applications both for its protective and insulation qualities. Whether that’s in wall cavities or airliners. We also now offer a wide range of foam board for CNC with various densities.