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PS Composites are amongst a select few expert polyurethane foam suppliers in the UK to the TV, film and creative industries. However, our supply of PU foam is not just limited to the TV and film arena. We also provide PU foam to many other markets – from large construction firms to small building businesses, individual artists to set designers.

You can use any polyurethane foam kit for many different applications. Within the TV and film industry it can be utilised for the creation of stop motion puppets, prosthetic make-up appliances, creature suits, set items and large animatronic characters. It can also be sprayed into open moulds to create plastic items.

PU foam is also utilised as a protective coating over foam, EPS and some structures. This allows for the creation of building fascias, artificial rocks, and environments on set. It is also used for its protective qualities in the construction industry. The most commonly known construction use of PU foam is that of insulation. It is extremely useful for filling wall cavities and coating structures to create a heat trapping barrier. It could well be the filling of your roof cavity!

From Plasters To Planes

Polyurethane foam’s applications extend even further than just construction. It is also widely used in the medical field in the creation of high-grade dressings, both for professional and consumer markets. It might be covering the next burn on your finger.

We have established that PU foam can help treat burns. But did you know it can also prevent them? Polyurethane foam is sometimes employed as a fire retardant. Useful especially in aircrafts, its lightweight but slow burning properties can give passengers valuable extra time to escape to safety.

Its light but firm properties can also be utilised in the production of water vessels such as surf boards and rigid-hulled boats. You will often find that PU foam and gel coats go hand in hand during boat construction. As you can see polyurethane foam’s uses are numerous. Below are a list of PU foams that we stock and their most common uses.

Choose A Polyurethane Foam Kit

Black Gunn foam kits 4kg, 20kg – A 3:1 mix ratio polyurethane foam which gives a great skin, and is used within the film industry to replicate props. Unsurprisingly, it is often used to create prop guns! Perfect for all applications where a firm but flexible foam is needed.

POLYKITS2PS-Tip: Although Black Gunn foam is often used to create prop weaponry, an off white version is also available. This is a fantastic skinning foam that, when mixed with a flesh tone pigment, creates a brilliant and cheaper alternative to a silicone dummy. By placing aperture wire within the mould when forming, you can create a poseable dummy that can be re-used in many different scenes.

PS Soft Foam Kits 3kg, 15kg, 37.5kg – A three-part hand-mixing foam, perfect for applications which require a soft sponge-like result. This product possesses an excellent skin in a closed mould.

PS-Tip: You can also utilise skinning foam as fantastic backing foam.

PS 207 Rigid Foam Kit 2kg, 10kg, 36kg – A rigid foam with a 1:1 mix ratio. Both stable and easy to use, it produces a hard biscuit foam. A common application for this foam would be wall insulation. These kits represent fantastic value for money.

PS Tip: We often use PS 207 Rigid Foam to create accurate and precise replications of cast members’ heads. These replicas are then utilised in the transportation of wigs and prosthetic pieces from set to set. This way you have no need to worry about them losing their shape or definition.

We also stock Monster Makers Foam Latex in 1 gallon and 5 gallon kits. This is a prosthetic grade polyurethane foam kit that offers the finest cell size with great stability. It can be baked into many different moulds made from aluminium, stone, fibreglass, epoxies and silicone. Each kit comes with full instructions and all necessary components for use.

If you are looking for assistance in realising your prosthetic visions, PS Composites can help you. With years of experience in the prosthetics industry we understand how daunting a prospect the initial use of these professional materials can be. Whether you require a full prosthetic creation service or would like a quick chat about how best to use our products, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 01753 650958 (international clients: +44 1753 650958) today.

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