How To Make Fantastic Prosthetic Wounds Using Pro Gel 10

You may think that creating unbelievably scary, realistic and gory prosthetic wounds is the reserve of special effects makeup experts and geniuses but that needn’t be the case. With high quality products (such as our own), some practice and a bit of know how you can create the perfect finishing touch to your Halloween outfit or even create realistic wounds for a film you may be shooting. It’s worth mentioning now that we recommend you use Pro Gel 10 Prosthetic Silicone Kits for an easy yet extremely professional finish for all prosthetic wounds and prosthetic scars. Phew, that’s the shameless self promotion bit out of the way, now we can get to the good stuff.


Please note that before using the silicone apply a tiny amount to your, or your subjects, arm. If a rash or any other form of allergic reaction occurs do not go ahead with the prosthetic production.

There are two ways to create great looking, gory prosthetic wounds. One is slightly simpler than the other but both produce fantastic results. Which one you use will depend on what type of fake wound you are trying to produce. These methods can also be used to create any kind of special effects makeup, not just gory looks.

Prosthetic Wound Creation Method One – Quick, Fast and Easy

1. Ensure the area you are wanting to gorify is properly cleaned of dirt and grease. You can then mix a relatively small amount of Pro Gel 10 together. (Remember, Pro Gel 10 has a 5-10 minute working time once activated. Due to this we would recommend mixing small amounts at a time during application.)

2. Use a lollipop stick (or professional tools) to apply a layer of silicone to the wound area making it as deep as you want the cut to be. So for example, if you’re going for a knife cut it may be narrow and deep whereas a zombie dog scratch may be more shallow but at the same time wider. Let the layer dry for a few minutes.

3. You can then use some form of utensil (anything from a toothpick to a wrinkle tool will do) to create grooves in the layer, these will be your cuts. Wait for this layer to dry completely.

4. If you wanted to enhance and intensify the definition of the cuts at this point you can apply extra Pro Gel 10 to the ridged areas of the wound. Ensure it is entirely dry before moving on to the next step.

How To Make Fantastic Prosthetic Wounds Using Pro Gel 10 25. You should then apply makeup to disguise the line between the silicone and the subjects skin. We highly recommend one of our skin illustrator palettes as special effects makeup kits for this. In particular the Skin Illustrator Flesh Tone Palette is ideal as it contains a fantastic mixture of colours that will allow you to match almost any skin tone. This is also the point at which you can add yellows, browns and blues to create a bruised outline to the wound if you so wish.

6. The deeper areas of your wound should now look lighter than the higher areas. To combat this apply a deep red/black tone to the area. This is also the point at which you can add fake blood to give your wound a really visceral look. Fleet Street Bloodworks is absolutely ideal for this with their stay wet properties. ‘Fresh’ can be used to create a newly cut look whereas ‘Dark’ works better to create an older, more rotten looking wound.

Prosthetic Wound Creation Method Two – Full Blown Special FX Prosthetics

Sometimes the end product you want to create is slightly more intricate than a cut on the arm or bump on the head. When that is the case it is time to look towards using alginate or silicone and modelling clay to create a fully blown prosthetic. We have some absolutely fantastic products in our online store that will help you achieve a realistic look EVERY time. So, how do you actually go about creating realistic looking prosthetics? Why not check out our How To Make Prosthetics article for a walkthrough. We’re by no means suggesting you’ll be a prosthetics genius after your first attempt but with a bit of practice you’ll be creating stomach churningly realistic wounds.

As always if you require any help at all with the use of our products feel free to contact our expert team who are always happy to give their advice and share their ideas. We love knowing that our products have helped someone create something perfect so we are always happy to help.

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