Prop Making

Probably one of the busiest people in the industry at the moment is Supervising Prop Maker Craig Narramore.

PS composites has been supplying Craig for many years on a whole range of projects both here in the UK & abroad. We can hardly keep up with the amount of films Craig gets involved in.

From the recent summer 2014 releases of Tom Cruises ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ & Dwayne Johnsons’ ‘Hercules, The Thracian Wars’. Spells on Guy Ritchies’ upcoming ‘Man From Uncle’, Warner Bros new Neverland feature ‘Pan’, Then onto ‘James Bobins’ Jonny Depp sequel ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ and straight into Ridley Scotts eagerly anticipated mars survival thriller ‘The Martian’, There is no stopping Craig…………Having flown back from Budapest in early 2015, Craig was then straight into the ‘Warner Bros Studios’ where he has just completed filming on another Guy Ritchie’ project; the forthcoming ‘Arthur, Knights of the Round Table’.

PS composites have supplied almost every type of product they do to feed Craigs’ prop-making team as they create many specialist film & set-dec props.

With King Arthur coming to a close Craig has wasted no time in getting stuck into his next movie project, half his team have already moved to pinewood Studios to start work on the new ‘Michael Fassbender’ project,‘Assassins Creed; Time out of Mind’.

Ps composites have already started supplying the team with a whole load of products, including the new………………silicon system!

‘Hercules’ chariots, made using 3481 silicone, PS 28 silicone, Gunn rubber, fibreglass. Lightweight parts made from expanding foam.


‘Alice through the looking glass’– supplying sculpting materials, as well as T4 silicone, siliglass.
Also, froth pac & expanding foams / latex to create the red queens forest interiors.


‘The Martian’ – supply of casting & moulding materials for the ‘Action Veihcles’ dept as well as the prop making team. Many materials were shipped direct to Craigs’ team working in the Famous Korda Studios in Budapest.


King Arthur’ – PS composites supplied Pro-Gel, Epoxy resin systems, 3481 Silicones, Addition cure silicones, hard & soft foams, etc etc etc………… Delivering daily to Warner Bros Studios.


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